Xandra Rocha-Araneta prepares drink she learned from Japan

Is it happy hour already?

Is it happy hour already?

Xandra Rocha-Araneta learned a concoction from her Japan trip last 2013, a time she refers to as BC (before COVID).

Not one to be selfish, Xandra shared the recipe on her Instagram feed. It’s simply a mixture of crushed ice, umeshu (plum sake), ginger beer, and blueberries (optional).

“Sweet with a bit of zing from the ginger. I enjoy nibbling on the sake soaked plum between sips,” she described the drink.

Aside from that, she also fell in love with her umeshu bottle. “Isn’t this little single serving portion of Choya umeshu so adorable? I saved the bottle to use as a tiny vase. It sparked joy,” she wrote in her caption.

Watch how she prepared her drink here:

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