AboitizPower betting on technology to drive growth

Aboitiz Power Corp. believes technology advancements will help drive the company’s future growth.

In a statement issued Tuesday, AboitizPower said advancements in data science and artificial intelligence (DSAI) have fueled its business intelligence capabilities such as accelerating its customer service levels, establishing robust data analytics practices, and ultimately simplifying the way the company conducts business.

The company wants to collect data which are integral in analyzing the energy consumption behavior of various industries along with other useful energy-related information — their energy profile and pain points, how they can practice energy efficiency, saving on costs by avoiding potential failure points in their electrical equipment, and so on.

AboitizPower will then design tailor-fit energy products and solutions that are most suitable to the customer’s business needs and contribute to their competitiveness in their respective industries.

Sandro Aboitiz, AboitizPower head of commercial operations, said they remain committed to their goal of being the partner of choice for the customers they serve, “always aiming to go above and beyond our services levels and constantly seeking new ways of serving our customers through data science and other automation tools.”

The company’s Commercial Operations Business Unit takes charge of the trading and sales of the company’s generation capacities, delivering power directly to businesses, utilities, and other customers.

It has also been working on a new energy trading platform that uses advanced analytics and trading optimization technologies to support its trading operations, further enhancing data analysis and efficiency wherever possible.

The implementation of this system supports the Philippine electricity market’s demand for fast exchanges of plant-related information and helps ensure that Aboitiz Power’s generation facilities trade power with the highest levels of accuracy, comply with stringent market rules, and optimize margins based on data-driven trading strategies.

Aboitiz Power recently partnered with UnionBank’s Data Science and Artificial Intelligence team to build tools that leverage data science models as a way to expand the company’s knowledge of its customer base and help build long-term solutions for their business.

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