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‘Di na dapat choosy: Joey Concepcion wants flexibility for private sector’s vaccination

Businessman Joey Concepcion wants private companies to have the freedom in choosing who will receive COVID-19 vaccines first once supplies start arriving.

The Go Negosyo founder and Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship said corporations should not be forced to adhere to the vaccination priority list crafted by the government since they paid for their own vaccine supply.

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“What we want to appeal to DOH and NITAG is to give the private sector the flexibility because if you look at the industries that we presented who purchased the vaccines, there are so many industries who have different positions and we listed them all,” Concepcion told House lawmakers in a recent hearing.

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“Since they all belong to that particular company, under the same sector, we should just allow them to inoculate all those in that list of A4, so that is what we are going to request to NITAG, that is important,” he added.

Concepcion stressed that it’s important to provide the jabs to as many people as fast as possible.

“This is our working framework right now: it is through providing access to vaccines, building confidence, and executing fast that we can win this war against COVID-19,” he said.

Nearly 13 million Filipinos are eligible to get the COVID-19 jab once the government allows the vaccination of the A4 category, otherwise known as the “economic frontliners.”

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