Joey Mead King on dealing with anxiety, fear, pain

Former model Joey Mead King shared some pieces of advice to those struggling with pain and anxiety.

She too keeps these unwanted feelings all to herself. She doesn’t banish them; she acknowledges them. “When i am asked about how i ‘deal’ how i ‘cope’, i shift the dialogue to how to ‘heal’ how to ‘evolve’ how to ‘grow’ and also how to just maintain in a realm i can stay still in,” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

“I step into my timeline of personal joy. When lower vibrations of anxiety and fear do hold my head and heart I will stay with them with no judgement. Though I will move & shake my vessel either with music, light code activation, rock music, anything that shifts me. I’ll hydrate with water.. take a shot of tequila if i need, find solace in an enchanted tree , be still with an animal, be in nature. When I need help I’ll reach out and communicate not just with a trusted friend/family also with Divine sources, angels and my spirit tribe ✨ Living in uncertainty keeps you living in the now ✨,” Joey wrote.

Hope her powerful voice got to help an anxious soul out.

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