Suntukin kita, put*ng*n* mo! Duterte says ‘fake Pinoy’ Albert del Rosario is to blame for abandoning Panatag Shoal to China

President Rodrigo Duterte is blaming MVP Group director Albert del Rosario for leaving the disputed Panatag Shoal to Chinese ships during the June 2012 standoff.

Duterte said it was del Rosario who “gifted” the piece of the country’s territory to Chinese control when he was Foreign Affairs Secretary.

Bibitayin kita! Duterte presses ‘g*g*ng’ Albert Del Rosario to reveal who really gave order for PH ships to leave Panatag Shoal

“Itong Albert na ito ako pa ang sinisisi. Kung makita kita suntukin kita eh. Buang ka. Huwag mong pakialaman — ako ang nakialam? Now pagdating ko nandiyan na ‘yong barko ng China, ang atin ang wala. Buti sana kung nandiyan ‘yong barko ng China tapos pagdating ko mayroon tayong barko,” said Duterte in a briefing Monday night.

Ayaw tapatin si Digong! Del Rosario still mum on who ordered PH withdrawal from Panatag Shoal

“Tapos you have the temerity to blame anybody for your, in diplomatic term, ‘faux pas’. It was the order, as a matter of fact, of Albert. Sources say that he never got the permission from the President at the time, President Aquino. Iyan nga eh, nagmamarunong,” he added.

The ten-week standoff occurred when the Philippine warship, BRP Gregorio del Pilar, sailed to Panatag to arrest Chinese fishermen illegally fishing in the country’s waters.Del Rosario ordered the Philippine Coast Guard to leave the area after he got advice from a United State official, the President Barack Obama’s assistant state secretary for Asia Kurt Campbell, that China had agreed to leave. The Chinese ships have stayed and increased their presence in the area up to the present.

“It was del Rosario’s inexperience in foreign-affairs matters, his gullibility, or his unquestioning trust in the US that made him believe Campbell, and so lose Philippine territory,” wrote former Cabinet Secretary Bobi Tiglao.

Duterte called del Rosario an “idiotic person” who didn’t have the guts to stand up to China during his time in office.

“P***** i**, wala kayong bayag. Iyan ang totoo. Nasa gobyernong ito, kung presidente ka, kung hindi ka marunong pumatay, hindi ka marunong mamatay, eh di walang pag-asa,” said Duterte.

“Bakit hindi ninyo ginawa kayong mga p***** i** ninyo? Huwag ninyo i-cut ‘yan. Tanungin mo bakit pinaatras ninyo? Hindi kayo nagpadala doon at nagkagiyera na sana tayo noon, tapos na sana kayong dalawa because kayo ang a lynchpin who brought misery to our country,” he added.

Duterte also chided del Rosario as one of the “cockeyed scholars kuno” who end up discrediting the country.

“Ito si Albert sumipot lang ito pretending in public, noon ko pa nahahalata ‘yan, he acts like with finesse. Sinasadya niya parang a diplomat of the making of the century. Alam mo sa totoo lang hindi ako naniniwala. Una, hindi ka Pilipino. Hindi ‘yan Pilipino ‘yang mukha mo. Hindi ako maniwala sa iyo. Bakit kita kunin na ano? I don’t even think that… Pakita mo nga ‘yong ano mo resident certificate mo kung Pilipino ka ba,” Duterte said.

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